A Sustainable Future

At Good Health Naturally™, sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do, both as a global business, and as a family. With customers more environmentally conscious than ever before, we recognise that companies like ours have a responsibility to lead by example by reducing our use of plastic packaging. That’s why we’re taking further exciting steps on our journey towards becoming a greener and more earth-friendly enterprise. We are currently transitioning away from printed product boxes and leaflets – instead, product leaflets will be available in digital format (easily accessible via QR codes). This will not only reduce our printing and paper output, but will empower our customers to rest assured that they are choosing a brand that is as committed to sustainability as they are.

Our Sustainable Promise

In 2020 we made an environmental pledge to make significant changes to our packaging, endeavouring to include more glass, biobased recyclable plastic and refill pouches across our product lines. Where possible, recyclable glass bottles are replacing plastic packaging, whilst some products are supplied in bio-based recyclable plastic. This is a sustainable alternative made by producing biobased HDPE and LDPE from green polyethylene, using waste collected from the sugar cane industry that doesn’t require a food resource, making our packaging 100% ethical and sustainable!

Our refill pouch options, first launched in 2021, are now available for all of our bestselling lines including Curcumin X4000® (Original and Fenugreek), Serranol®, Nattokinase™ and Blockbuster® All Clear, and we hope to introduce these for even more of our supplement range in the near future.

We’ve also changed how we pack our orders to be kinder to the environment. We are phasing out product boxes wherever possible and have eliminated the use of bubble wrap, instead wrapping items in a unique ‘wrap and cushion’ refill paper which creates a 3D-honeycomb structure. This provides a packing solution that is fully-recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly. Brown kraft paper is then placed in between the products to provide extra cushioning and protection for your purchase during shipment, in addition to a compostable loose fill which is 100% biodegradable, odourless and dust-free.

We are proud to have substantially reduced our environmental impact, however we are continuously evolving in this aspect and are closely monitoring developments within the packaging industry that align with our goal to make every parcel we send out to you as sustainable as it can possibly be.



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